Why do people fail CELTA?

There may only be a small number of people who fail CELTA but don’t let yourself be one of the minority. Read on to find out some of the reasons for people failing the course so that you can avoid these pitfalls.

In our centre in Munich our fail rate is particularly low but, as with many centres, we do have our share of fail candidates. But why?

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How to Achieve a Pass A on your CELTA Course

I often read or hear from trainees that their aim is to achieve a Pass A when doing CELTA. So what exactly is the best way to go about this?

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Where should I do my CELTA Course?

When I decided to do the CELTA course many years ago, I was living in Germany at the time but looking for a way to return to the UK. I did some research and decided to apply to International House in Newcastle. I had never been to Newcastle before but relished the opportunity to embark on what turned out to be a very challenging four weeks in a place where I would be alone and have no distractions. I wasn’t disappointed.

Newcastle: Photo by Anthony Holmes on Pexels.com

Completing the CELTA course opened up a wealth of opportunities for me within the UK and I made my way into a fantastic College of Further Education in Manchester where I was given tremendous support from a very experienced team. It is there that I went on to do the Dip. TESOL (Trinity College London’s equivalent to Delta).

For me, completing the course in the UK was important because I was looking to settle back down there. My decision was the right one for me at the time.

Amanda and I now run the CELTA course in Munich and are pleased to enrol trainees from all over the world. However, Munich does not tend to be a destination CELTA Course, unlike perhaps places like Prague or Istanbul or Bangkok. I have thought about why that is and to be honest, I can’t put my finger on it. There is of course the matter of money, the aforementioned places can offer cheaper courses and their cities offer cheaper accommodation but should cost be the overriding factor? Surely, if embarking on the TEFL career path, the opportunities post CELTA should also play a part in the decision making process?

Things to consider:

  • does the Centre appeal to me?
  • where do I plan on teaching after the course?
  • will the Centre help me find work after the course?
  • where are the Teaching Practice students from – ie who exactly will I teach?

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is currently deciding where to apply for the course and/or those who feel they made the right or wrong decision. Where will you / did you do your course and why?

Another stress free, prep. free Christmas

Looking for a nice final lesson before Christmas?

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com
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A Guide to Lesson Planning: Basic Stages

On our most recent CELTA course in Munich, some of the trainees seemed to have a problem with the stages a lesson should include so I’ve tried to break down the basic stages for different lesson types.

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CELTA Grading – not to standard

Worried about receiving a not to standard grade?

Have you taught a CELTA teaching practice lesson and the grade was not to standard (NTS)? Are you concerned as to what this might mean? Let me put your mind at ease.

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How to prepare for your CELTA Course

Do everything you can to get ready for the CELTA course to ensure it is a good experience.

We often get asked by CELTA candidates what they should do to prepare for the course. This was one of the reasons we decided to write The Ultimate Guide to CELTA so of course our first answer is to buy the book but for those of you who can’t wait for the book to arrive here are some pointers to help you get started.

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